Plage Palace, Palavas-Les-Flots, My Big Geneva

Andrée was born on April 12, 1931, and spent her childhood holidays in Palavas-Les-Flots. 8 decades afterward, Guy and Jean-Louis Costes opened the Spa Plage Palace.


The Plage Palace is a tribute by the Costes brothers to their own childhood spent in Palavas-Les-Flots.

Since the discreet opening of the Plage Palace Hotel in April 2019, Andrée has been saving all year round to treat herself to 2 weeks by the sea and thus revive all her memories of a bygone youth. The director of the hotel, Eva, is very caring, as well as the smiling and friendly staff.

Here, Andrée spends lavishly; she looks younger without Botox and feels like a star. The sea does her good. It must be said that the Costes brothers have found the right measure to build two immaculate white cubes and respect the surrounding nature.

Between the 72 rooms/suites and the sea, there are 20 steps to take. A few sand and white deckchairs blend into the landscape, before plunging into the Mediterranean.


Shells decorate the sand.


The furniture of Andrée’s room is sober between white and gray because nothing should obstruct the view of the sea.

On Andrée’s plate, there are local products; a slightly spicy sea bream tartare, matchstick fries, and sometimes a caramelised aubergine. But what she prefers the most are the mussels.
The breakfast is sumptuous: eggs cooked under her nose and according to her request, fruit, pancakes, and pastries.

A good morning treat before going for a walk by the sea and doing a few ricochets.


Friendly advice: if you are looking for tranquility, avoid the high season. Prefer the months of April, May, or the end of September.