Jazzing Up the Modern World

Enter Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, the musical phenomenon that has taken the digital era by storm, infusing today’s pop hits with a retro twist that leaves audiences spellbound.


Scott Bradlee, the mastermind behind this ensemble, didn’t just create a band—he orchestrated a time machine. With the first plinks of a ragtime piano or the sultry tones of a jazz sax, Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) transports listeners from their mundane routines to the golden eras of swing, jazz, and Motown.

The magic of PMJ lies in its ability to marry the past with the present, creating a nostalgic yet fresh soundscape that resonates with a diverse audience.
A typical PMJ concert is a feast for the senses. The suave, vintage costumes, the lively choreography, and the palpable chemistry among the performers all contribute to an atmosphere that’s both glamorous and electrifying.

What sets Postmodern Jukebox apart in today’s saturated music industry is their authenticity. In an age dominated by auto-tune and digital effects, PMJ’s live, unfiltered sound is a refreshing reminder of the raw, emotive power of music.


PS: on PMJ’s website, you can request a song!


Friday, May 24th @ 8pm
From CHF 62.10

Alhambra, Rue de la Rôtisserie 10,
1204 Geneva

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