Pour Tes Beaux Yeux

If I whisper in your ear “LuLúxpo“, you will inevitably think of electro music – Rock Me LoveJust TogetherInside My Head, to name a few EPs they’ve released to date. From Geneva’s alternative scene to a broader audience beyond our borders, the couple is able to convey its tempo and values without denying its origins.
But if music is indeed the first gateway to LuLúxpo’s universe, it would be a mistake to put them in the “DJ” box only.

Loulou studied ceramics (for real!) at the Beaux-Arts. Her relationship to art is intrinsically linked to craft and what she prefers is to transform a regular object, or any kind of material, into a work of art.  She’s not guided by any diktat of art; “creating is a visceral need” she says, and every time she creates, she tries to dig deep into her emotions.
If Pollux leads the way when it comes to music, it is Loulou who lures us into a tango through the visual arts.

About a decade ago, LuLúxpo came off a mix and walked the streets of Geneva on their way home. It was a dark night. Suddenly, like an act of vengence, they slammed acrylic paint across the wall. “Splatch!”

Since then, LuLúxpo has experimented with this derivative of action painting in many different ways during exhibitions and performances (to name only a few, the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Barcelona in 2004, the Flux Laboratory, the Calamart Gallery, Go Out Mag, etc.). The type of medium they used expanded over the years: from canvas to cars (yes indeed, the national launch of the Yaris Hybrid Toyota / Lexus back in 2012 was “splashed” by LuLúxpo), walls, a Fender Telecaster guitar during the Plug project, and one popular accessory: the baseball cap.

Symbol of the working class in the 19th century, illustrated by fictional characters in English literature, the cap really became popular in the 30s through baseball. Often worn by hip-hop artists, it is a distinctive sign of belonging to a group. And even if some luxury brands, or Jay-Z, turned it into a fashionable accessory, it still conveys values emanating from street culture.

Hence the attraction of this accessory for LuLúxpo.
“Pour Tes Beaux Yeux” (i.e. for your pretty eyes) is the new born of the LuLúxpo family: a line of artsy caps, which I like to call art-to-wear. Each piece is unique and of course available online. Kids & Co, women, men, you will find many options to suit your tastes. All you have to do is make a choice. Some caps are already sold out but don’t worry, every week, new models are available online.

Lancement Pour Tes Beaux Yeux by LuLúxpo @ Foound from LuLúxpo on Vimeo.

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