Reiki with Leila

Leila Qabazard lives in Kuwait and she is a Reiki practitioner at the Yoga studio dar ātma. A graduate of the University of London in business management, Leila worked in banking before converting to Reiki. She obtained her Reiki master teacher certificate from the founder of the “Reiki Jin Kei Do” lineage, Dr. Premaratna of Sri Lankan origin, living in Australia.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated from Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is a form of healing my touch. Universal energy gets transferred from the practitioner to the client, through the hands. The session usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

According to Reiki Jin Kei Do, Reiki can be interpreted as spiritual or universal life force energy. Reiki is also known as the Usui System of Natural Healing, a very simple technique to aid in the process of healing. Reiki came to the United States thanks to Mrs. Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American who studied it in Japan in the 1930s. Reiki has since become the fast-moving energy modality in the West over the past 30 years.


What motivated you to change your career path?

I liked the creative aspect of it and I discovered that I like using my hands. 


Please name 3 benefits of Reiki

The 3 main benefits of reiki are that it soothes and calms the mind and spirit, and emotions. It charges, energizes, and aligns the energy centers in the body. It results in a general sense of well-being and vitality. 


Where can we book a session with you?

I currently do reiki at a yoga studio in Kuwait called dar ātma where they facilitate the bookings and provide the space for it. I can do Reiki sessions anywhere, as long as I have a massage table for the client to lie down on. By the way, the session is done with the receiver wearing comfortable clothing. And the session normally starts with the head area and ends with the feet. 


Please share 3 easy habits that you apply in your daily life to make it easier

Listen to guided meditations either at night before I go to bed, or in the mornings when I wake up. The other one is that I like to drink coffee in the morning. And the third is to journal whenever I feel the need to. 


A book by your bedside table?

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr.Joe Dispenza.


A song on your list?

A song that inspires me is Danit- Naturaleza (Mose Edit), although I don’t understand the words, but I feel the energy. 



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