Restaurant Au Vieux Navire

Those who like story telling will appreciate this culinary journey! Hop on the old ship (i.e. vieux navire in French), take a seat on one of the most beautiful terraces of the Leman Lake or protect yourself from the wind inside a nostalgic bistro.
Located 30 min away from Geneva, on the way to Lausanne, Au Vieux Navire has set sail in the fisherman’s village of Buchillon more than 50 years ago. When Bastian de Raadt was a child, his grand-father used to take him there to eat the most delicious filets de Perches in the region. In 1998, Bastian de Raadt, who became an entrepreneur in his 30s, bought the restaurant which was about to close. He renovated it but didn’t change its spirit at all!

In the refined cuisine, you will find Pascal König, the Chef, who will present you with seasonal suggestions along with what he calls his classics. The menu is very short: quality here is much more important than quantity. It mentions that all the fish are fresh, however some of them may not have  taken the bait, so don’t be surprised,  just enjoy the unpredictable! Whether whitefish, trout or pike, the specialty still remains the Filets de Perches served according to your mood: the Chef’s special treat with lemon or champagne or vegetables.
Before docking, treat yourself to the extraordinary Crêpes Suzette for desert.

Rue du Village 6C, 1164 Buchillon
From Sept 1st to April 30th: closed on Mon & Tue
From May 1st to Aug 31st: closed on Tue
Budget: $$$

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