La Brasserie Nouvelle

They say never judge a book by its cover…although we all know it is true; it still happens too often that we miss good opportunities because of poor judgment. Let me tell you about one of my latest discovery.

There is this restaurant called La Nouvelle located on the route of Lyon. From the outside, the restaurant may appear like an ordinary brasserie, but inside, there sits a beautiful veranda that is sheltered with large glass windows which creates a charming environment.

The service here is impeccable, everything comes at the right time and performed with such elegance. On the several occasions I have come to this restaurant, I was greeted with a welcoming smile by the owner himself, which explains the quality of service. Yet, this is not why I decided to write about la Nouvelle. I would like to share with you their signature dish known as the Entrecôte Chef de beurre. Their entrecôte is so rich in taste with its juicy and tender meat combined with its perfectly balanced butter and lemony sauce. This combination will blow you off your feet. The entrecôte is served with crunchy and perfectly salted matchsticks french-fries. I find myself cleaning the plate until not a single bit of sauce is left over. There are two servings of meat to make sure the meat and sauce maintains its best quality. With a good glass of wine, this becomes a real treat. The entrecôte is so tasteful that it will undoubtedly make you come back for more very soon!

Rue de Lyon 96, 1203 Geneva
Mon to Sat, only in the evening
Budget: $$

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