Holy Cow! Burger

If you haven’t yet tasted a holy burger, now is the time. And if you wonder what a holy burger is, it simply means it was blessed by Swiss Mother Earth. Every single product of the Holy Cow is made in Switzerland: the bum and the meat comes from Lausanne, the vegetables are cultivated in Le Month, beer is produced in Epalinges, sirup in Bern and the ice-cream is imported from Ticino.
The first holy fast-food restaurant opened in 2009 in Lausanne by Rich & Jess Williams before opening in Geneva (and in Zurich, and in Rouen and in Lille, if you really want to know everything). And Holy Cow has made a promise (which it has kept along the years) to its customers: quality, locally sourced, fast and efficient over 34 different types of holy burgers with surprising Asian flavours, Latin American, classic US of course and modern Australian. Beef, chicken or veggie, it’s impossible not to meet your expectations with an average price of 17.- in a friendly atmosphere.

PS: you may not know this but Rich grew up on a beef farm in Wales so when it comes to meat, he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Place Cornavin 22, 1201 Geneva
Rue de Carouge 14, 1205 Geneva.
Mon & Tue 11am-10pm; Wed to Sat 11am-11pm
Budget $

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