Gino Sano

Gino Sano is a cafetera that opened recently in the district of La Terrassière in Geneva. The slogan – you are what you eat – says it all: you will enjoy healthy food without harming your body. The name Gino has a lot of meaning for me because that’s the name of my dad. So you understand why I entered this cantine located on rue Adrien-Lachenal. The setting is pretty, intimate, with colorful windows. Your appetite sharpens directly at the sight of the delicious dishes showcased. Organic, vegan, gluten free or simply discover healthy cooking. The food is Italian as Gino comes from the shores of Lake Maggiore (like my family): he loves local products and brought the flavours of his hometown in his suitcase when he moved to Geneva.

You will therefore taste piadinefocacce, sandwiches and salads, but personally I decide to start with the dessert, because I have a sweet tooth and I am always looking for lactose and gluten free food. I look at the menu and read: vegamisu… I understand that it is a lactose-free tiramisu, and I immediately feel the need to taste it. The waitress takes the trouble to call her boss to find out if it contains gluten. The answer is yes, because there is a biscuit at the bottom of the glass – so if you are really intolerent to gluten, best not to order it otherwise, feel free. I am ready for more and while enjoying jazzy ambiant music, I order a Bosco, the chef’s salad made of mesclun, raw mushroom, pink turnip, red fruits and a nut sauce. I immediately pick the raspberries and mushrooms one by one before starting the actual salad. The coffee is – inevitably – delicious, like a real Italian coffee should be and you may decide how you wish to sweeten it (that is if you like variety): honey, sugar or Maple syrup? I go for the latter.

The cafeteria sells the brand Bio Sol Natura as well as Sicilian jam and honey… But of course, if you prefer the regions of Puglia or Tuscany, you will find other delicacies, fruit juices or tomatoes in pots … Sunny products which were made with the same respect for nature.

Gino Sano, to try it is to adopt it? Definitely yes and I am even considering inviting my very own Gino for a romantic Italian tête-à-tête.

 Photography ©  Nathalie Mastail-Hirosawa
Rue Adrien-Lachenal 8, 1207 Geneva
Mon to Fri 7am-4pm
Budget: $$

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