The best Koobideh in town

Allow me to present to you one of my favourite restaurant in Geneva. The first owner of the Hafez restaurant located in downtown Geneva was Persian. The name of the restaurant is a tribute to one of the most famous poet of Iran. His wife used to prepare the food with the same delicacy as Hafez’ poems. She passed on all her know-how to Mr. Jimi who took over the restaurant in 1993.

My Father – born and raised in Iran – never looks at the menu when we dine or have lunch at Hafez’s. He immediately orders the kebab Koobideh: two juicy skewers of minced lamb and grilled onions, served with Persian saffron rice and grilled tomatoes. The recipe of the Koobideh differs according to the region and must be perfectly cooked so that the meat remains juicy. Impossible to cook it at home (we tried several times on the barbecue, it was catastrophic). Hafez’s Koobideh is simply delicious. Personally, I like to taste it with Mast-O-Khiarw (yogurt, cucumber and mint served with Iranian sesame bread). The family’s habits also include ordering a salad Oliveh and the daily specials, served for lunch or dinner. The daily specials are traditional Iranian stews cooked with finesse and many spices. 

For dessert, enjoy a Bastani – saffron ice cream – and Faloodeh – a light ice cream made with vermicelli rice, lemon and rose water.

PS: Forgive me Mr Jimi for the time it took me to write a few words about your restaurant. Since 1993, you have welcomed my family and my friends with the same kindness and you have served us exquisite food. So thank you.

Rue Adrien-Lachenal 23, 1207 Geneva
Mon to Fri 11.30am-3pm, 7pm-midnight; Sat 7pm-midnight
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