Le Figuier

In the middle of the concrete jungle of la Servette is a beautiful fig tree that provides shade for the most particular of places: made of wood and slightly elevated, an Oriental refuge where Hicham cooks.

He takes care of her fig tree every day giving it love and water and it returns the favor with over 500 kilos of figs in high season – figs which are found in Hicham’s delectable culinary creations.

Le Figuier is a tree, but above all a restaurant (and caterer) dedicated to the gastronomical delights of the Orient: kebbeh, fig rolls, salads, eggplant, lemon chicken, wild rice, and desserts! Le Figuier is exactly why My Big exists: so we can share it with you.

Avenue de Luserna 32, 1203 Geneva
Closed on Tuesday
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