Mizzica or the art of pizzaaltaglio

Mizzica is one of the best Italian restaurant, located in Carouge. Mizzica masters the art of pizzaaltaglio, served in Italian china.

Pierangela and Giuseppe are nostalgic of their childhood in Sicily. Wanting to revive their childhood memories, they opened a small grocery selling products from their native Sicily in December 2008. Jars of tuna filets, cream of swordfish, anchovies, and artisanal jams made of Sicilian fruit are just a few of the de-li-cious things you’ll find at Mizzica. Knowing that success waits for no one, Giuseppe learns the Roman art of pizzaaltaglio, and in 2011 the grocery expands into a small restaurant. No reservations, no menu: every day the chef Luca – under the watchful eye of Giuseppe who prepares the pizzaaltaglio – and an array of culinary surprises. The arancino and parmiggiana, fresh seasonal vegetables – served on beautiful Italian china – with your choice of farm-fresh meat is on the top of our Big list. From 10.- to 18.- for a large plate, you just can’t go wrong! Everything is available to go or on-site with free Wifi to boot! Available for private events up to 40 people and private catering.

Rue du Pont-Neuf 5, 1227 Carouge
Tue, Thu, Fri 8am-8pm; Wed 8am-3pm; Sat 9am-5pm
Budget $

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