Rosa Morena

For many of us, the genesis of a love story comes down to few clicks, or more exactly a few thousand clicks, a lot (too many) of swipes left, a few swipes right, a number of dull dates. For Pilar and Sebastien, it took a little bit more for the stars to align.

It began twenty or thirty years ago, when Sebastien’s aunt decided to go live in Peru. She builds her life, gets married. The planets are moving. Sebastien is growing up, his aunt has children. Sebastien visits his aunt, meets the children and their nanny, Pilar. The planets are aligned.

A decade or so later, we meet Pilar and Sébastien at Rosa Morena. It could not have been otherwise anyway. Pilar is part of a lineage of chefs that dates all the way back to 1845. It is with her grandmother, at the age of 10, that Pilar learns the art of handling pans. And even if nothing predisposed Sebastien to open a restaurant, if this was not for a (reassuring) lack of passion for billing -an activity that the hazards of life had led him to practice in a professional manner-, it was written that Pilar would cook.

At Rosa Morena, we take you far away from Geneva. Away from these (too) many (so-called) trendy restaurants. Away from the (beloved) gratin de cardons. I have not tried all the dishes yet, but I took things seriously nonetheless: a Leche del Tigreto start with, a Lomo Saltado served with homemade fries and rice to follow, and because I do not shrink from any sacrifice required to provide exhaustive information, a chocolate mousse for dessert. (And also a Pisco Sour, because the next day was Pilates day, and one has to ensure good level of hydration before sport.) The mere fact I’m telling you about it says it all: it is fresh, simple and absolutely delicious!

If in 1845, and decades thereafter, Pilar’s ancestors were just “cooks,” It’s to a proper chef they have passed on their legacy. I guess you’ve got it, go to Rosa Morena!

Rue de la Fontenette, 21, 1227 Carouge
Tue to Fri lunch & diner; Sat from 5pm; Sun all day
Budget:  $$

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