Whether we like or not Monday morning is the constant uphill battle we all have to face after an action-packed, fun-filled weekend with friends and family. So here I was charging away, shriveling in the cold wind, when I stumbled across an eloquent nook with a sign displaying “Seed”.
Curious enough, I ventured inside the restaurant and a warm, friendly face greeted me with a smile. I quickly glanced up at the menu board and immediately realized this wasn’t just your regular stop-and-go shop. Their sandwich combinations and ingredients were unheard of! Like the Le Sunset sandwich made with salmon, lime, orange zest, tomato, dill and cream cheese, or the Le Wrap made with marinated chicken breast, saffron, tomato hummus, barberry and mesclun. Upon the suggestion of the woman behind the counter I ordered their chicken sandwich, and trust me I’ve never had anything like it! It had the most decadent tastes of leeks, grapes, mayonnaise and chicken breast—a fine crafted combination that accentuated each of the flavors in my mouth.
The owner of the café lived in the States a couple of years and there, he was exposed to all sorts of healthy food options. Upon arriving in Geneva, he noticed a niche market that needed to be tapped into. Seed Café offers seasonal and fresh products that come from the trusted local markets of Geneva. Their produce is rich in taste, healthy and energising. Just what we need to concur the dreaded Monday morning blues, or any morning for that matter! Besides sandwiches, they also offer salads, quiches, soups (Gaspacho and Lentil Soup) and homemade deserts. They also serve cold press fruit and vegetable juices, a method that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables without heat and minimal exposure to oxygen to preserve the vitamins. In their range of juices, my favorites are the Ultimate Green (kale or spinach, cucumber, green apple and lemon), the Wake Up (beet, green apple and ginger) and GLO (orange, grapefruit and lemon).
If by any chance you happen to crave tasty and healthy, stop by and give it a go!

Bd Georges-Favon 14, 1204 Geneva
Mon to Fri 7.30am-4pm

Budget: $

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