Le Tablar, a great eating experience and natural wines

Le Tablar is among the best restaurants in Geneva with a selection of quality natural wines at reasonable prices and is a great eating experience.

In French-speaking Switzerland, tablar means shelf. If we refine it a little bit, it could mean crazy. In short, in this wine bar, they are a little bit crazy (you will understand why), but they go to the essentials and they know why.

The cuisine is outstanding yet unpretentious. The ceviche is made with the fish of the day, always fresh and simple. Beef tartar, called “carved beef”, tastes like good meat.

All these dishes are, as it should be, accompanied by bread. And here is the surprise, the bread is homemade! It is crusted to perfection, the crumb is full of beautiful bubbles, it even sticks a little. If you stick your nose in it and smell it, it is as if you’ve always knew what bread should smell like, but you’re discovering it over again. So much so, that if you take the time to talk about it with the chef, you will see a proud smile on her face. Because baking bread in a restaurant / wine bar is a little crazy! But a sweet madness that inspires you!
The waiters / sommeliers will be able to recommend wines according to your preferences and will offer you a try to make sure it is to you taste. Cheers!

Photography © Tablar
Rue de la Coulouvrenière 38, CH-1204 Geneva
Tuesday to Saturday 5.30pm to 1am 
Budget $$

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