Thé Ô d’Or

Thé Ô d’Or, Dim Sum & flowers…
The Cluse boulevard has a secret known only to a few people: it doesn’t stop at the cantonal hospital but crosses the Chaumettes park to head towards Rive.
This is where Tai Nguyen LY waits for you, he’s the adorable owner of the restaurant. He’s often alone in order to serve you, so be as kind to him as he will be with you. Take your time to slow down your hectic day and pick quietly what you’re about to eat.
Prawn salad, pancakes, spring rolls, doughnuts? Porc brioche, scallop ha kao, fried calamari? Since a year and a half, Tai Nguyen cooks and serves you delicious Dim Sum and soups. Both Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine is available for your pleasure.
And why did I mention flowers? Because you can savour traditional teas such as peony, chrysanthemum and jasmin. One day, during spring time, we discovered thanks to Mr. Ly that chrysanthemum cured our flu. Peony tea on the other hand will help your dizzy spell or cramps go away.
At lunch time, the menu with a salad will cost you only 17.- francs, in the evening the special will cost you 18.- francs. The unassuming owner who pays so much attention to his clients practices little prices, which is why I wanted to take you with me today to his restaurant and that most likely I will be back tomorrow.

Boulevard de la Cluse 105-107, 1205 Geneva
Mon to Fri 11am-3pm, 6.30-11pm; Sat 6-11pm
Budget: $$

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