The Rhizone hair salon is located on the rue de Monthoux, number 23, in the hot district of Pâquis and will intrigue anyone who passes by.
A Harley Davidson used to be displayed in the front-window but it has been replaced by a black Honda surrounded by leather seats. A call for freedom. Since mid-November, the hair salon has been beautifully redesigned, it’s sleek and small bar allows any customer with ruffled hair to wait for his haircut. From the sidewalk, the indoor atmosphere makes you want to stop and steal a few moments of your time in this timeless place.
Patrice and his accomplices warmly welcome you with some rock or house music in a place inspired by the London underground culture; walls having arrogant graffitis and huge black mirrors.

British fashion infuses a revolutionary and provocative energy alongside precise scissors of hairdressers. Any request will be heard, any doubt will be reassured; your haircut will perfectly match your personality. Feel confident, relax with a shampoo on a massage chair and take a deep breath: you are in good hands. People joke around, hairdryers make some noise and everything intertwines delicately in a friendly spirit.
Patrice is an elegant man with a touch of craziness; he opened his hair salon 16 years ago with the intention of offering a unique place for the Genevois. The top quality hair products were carefully selected by him to treat your hair right. While Geneva is full of hair salons and barber shops, Rhizone stands out because of its authenticity, longevity, professionalism and casual atmosphere.

Rue de Monthoux 23, 1201 Geneva
Tue to Fri 8am-7.30pm; Sat 8am-6pm

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