Scène Vagabonde Festival 2021

Launched in 2019, Valentin Rossier’s pop-up theatre becomes a festival in 2021. Three plays will be performed on an EXTRA-ordinary stage from August 3 to September 25.

The artistic director points out the importance of language “in order not to forget, not to judge without knowing but also to smile at ourselves.”
“We could say that we offer a complimentary theater which aims to transmit and provoke wonder, in a world which challenges great ideologies and engenders a constant transformation of our identity. » Valentin Rossier

Every performance evening, the Wunderbar will serve you a simple and tasty meal, in the green setting of Trembley Park.

3 plays on a pop-up stage

The 2021 season of the Scène Vagabonde Festival is intended to be a space of resistance and sharing through texts set in motion by actors and directors. So make way for contemporary literature around a very current reflection: the discomfort aroused by others.

Claude Inga-Barbey

Manuela is a cleaning lady. One evening while working in a theater, she unwittingly finds herself at the center of the plot of a play – Shakespeare’s “Othello” – rehearsing. Little by little, she takes possession of the stage to share her reality with us.


Harold Pinter / Valentin Rossier
AUG 19 – SEP 05

With this unusual play, the author deals with a subject as old as the world: adultery, with the right amount of irony and cruelty to it. Pinter thus takes up the most hackneyed situation: the triangle made up of Husband, Wife, and Lover. 


Jean Paul Sartre
José Lillo
SEPT 09 – SEPT 25

Sold out in January 2020 at the Théâtre Le Crève-Cœur in Cologny, 3 characters are condemned to spend eternity together in a bourgeois salon. Garcin, Inès, and Estelle have never met before. No instrument of torture, no devils or hellish creatures, flaming scenery, nothing akin to descriptions in religious folklore.


The wandering nights

After the theater, it’s time for music. Lovers of disco, jazz, funk, rock, or blues, the night will be yours on Tuesday, August 3, and Saturday, September 25.