Schilliger Christmas Market

If you are looking for a Christmas market worthy of the name, head to the Schilliger Garden Center in Gland. The store will be exceptionally open every Sunday from November 11th to December 16th, 2018.
Welcome to the enchanted world of Schilliger.

Christmas is a true tradition for the Schilliger family. Each year, Sara Schilliger is supported by about twenty specialists – designer, artist, etc. – to design and carry out the Christmas market. It will take more than 2 weeks of work to set the scene! And this year’s theme is the vintage circus.
Discover an enchanting world where animals are kings! A red carpet will show you the way, unless you prefer to follow the stars: artists’ lodge, enchanted forest, acrobats, an elephant that juggles, candles, exclusive garlands, everything is absolutely divine and orchestrated to perfection.

Time has stopped… the magic operates from the front door.

The toys are playful, smart and full of poetry, encouraging the child to creativity. Many workshops are planned throughout the months of November and December: hand-painted Christmas ball, the making of a Christmas wreath, artificial floral confection, etc.
Before leaving, do not hesitate to make a gourmet shop at the Café Agnès.

Schilliger, like nowhere else.

From November 11th until December 16th 2018 
Route Suisse 40, 1196 Gland

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