For several years now, many artists have been playing with scales and plunged the viewer into an infinitely small world, to awaken his child’s soul.
Miniature art is poetry where thoroughness is always essential.


On social media, the #MiniatureArt hashtag is on the rise; artists like Slinkachu are followed by thousands of people and have their own online store.

Michael Davydov is part of this new wave of kid artists; he is a patient artist-craftsman.
The working time on one sculpture is on average 3 to 5 days, but sometimes the process can take up to 1 month.

Self-taught, he has drawn since childhood and decided in 1998 to become an independent artist. He participated in various competitions and local fairs before settling in Ukraine. This year, his works of art were selected by the Small Is Beautiful art fair in Paris.

His next exhibition will take place in Australia in 2022.
Little by little, he is entering the Big Art world.

“The history of Terry Tales began with the idea of ​​creating “eternal” living florariums under glass, from plants, moss, and mini-houses.  But live materials did not give me some freedom and the desired result.  So, I started experimenting and inspired by the work of Eric Kremers, Rosa de Jong, and other artists, I began to develop my style, which is a combination of natural motives and tiny architecture.
I found miniatures to be a great way to concisely communicate big things in small forms.”

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