I discovered Stevans through ‘When The Light is Gone,’ which I listened to repeatedly. What can I say, when you love something, you don’t keep count. The electro-pop duo has just released a new song, ‘Demons & Diamonds.’ Before Yvan Franel returns to the stage at the Casino Théâtre de Genève at the end of the month, he quickly answers my questions.


To whom does Stevans ask for a second chance in “Demons & Diamonds”?

I am asking the Planet for a second chance. I address it in this song. It’s important to note that we were amid the first lockdown, in April 2020, when this song was written and produced. Like many people, I wondered if we had reached this point as punishment for our excesses. I wondered if we would learn from our past mistakes… I believe we have the answer today… ahem. And I’m not the best ecological example either, I must admit, with my tours abroad ;))


What is Stevans’ viewpoint on the evolution of the music industry and the impact of technology on music creation and distribution?

Some artists excel, thanks to viral videos on YouTube or massive playlists on Spotify. Not us at all. The best results still come from concerts, the ‘live’ emotions we can bring to people, the connections… We have this rule: one concert must lead to another, and open another door.

Everyone has their thing, but of course, the digital world has changed the game, and today, an independent artist can become a star without going through a major label, and that’s GREAT.


How does Stevans manage to strike a balance between staying true to their artistic vision and meeting the expectations of their audience or the music industry?

We have a bunch of songs in stock waiting to be revealed to the public, but for that, we need to go to the studio, produce them, etc. So, we go with the flow of our feelings, without really thinking about our audience’s expectations because, in any case, it’s the way we perform the song that will have an impact. We are independent, so ultimately, no one is there to pressure us on a release schedule or a guideline. For instance, this latest track, ‘Demons & Diamonds,’ completely stands out artistically from the previous songs. We could have never done that if we were signed to a major label.

But just so you know, we’re working on an EP/album for spring-summer, and there will be a clearly defined artistic direction… stay tuned.


To conclude, here’s Stevans’ Proust questionnaire because good habits never die.

A place that resembles you
La promenade Saint Antoine, les Bastions, the old town in general

Your official canteen
Le vieux Carouge, best Fondue ever!

Dark or milk chocolate?
Dark of course!

Your cherished object
The copper glass of the Moscow mule… mmmmmmh

Your Robinson Crusoe book
Any book from Joel Dicker! (he auditioned to be Stevans’ drummer at the time!) What a talented writer, and from Geneva, why go elsewhere??

The movie you’ve seen 40,000 times
Back to the Future! Yes, sorry

An artist on your playlist
Young Gun Silver Fox, all albums are awesome.

An Instagrammer you follow with a strong belief
My Big Geneva…what else!?  😉


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