In his latest book – in French “Submersion,” – Bruno Patino offers a sharp analysis of our deep immersion in the digital world. Known for his critical thoughts on media and technology, Patino guides us through the complexities of our hyperconnected era, where fake news, screen addiction, and mass surveillance have become common realities.


Hard Limit

Faced with too many choices, we risk ‘infinite procrastination,’ as Renata Salecl discusses in her book The Tyranny of Choice. A famous experiment with jam jars in a supermarket illustrates this point. Customers were divided into two groups: one was offered 6 different jams, the other 24. They could taste the jams as they liked. A third of those with 6 jams decided to buy one, but only 3% of those with 24 jams made a purchase.

General Fatigue

What happens on subscription video platforms is happening everywhere else: in the endless sea of images, sounds, and messages, we are drifting between fatigue and boredom. We get bored when what we see feels repetitive. The rapid normalization of Facebook, Instagram, and now even TikTok is surprising: each network barely has time to grow before it feels old or worn out.

The Economy of Exhaustion

The signs are clear. We are exhausted. No one hears our cries in the endless offerings, and we must now prepare for an even larger sea. We are already giving up. All these exhaustions are decision-related. The attention economy has plunged us into an era of difficult choices. Tired, we delegate our now impossible decisions. This suits the digital economy perfectly: it wants us to accept what it imposes, making us feel relieved as it guides us into its system.”

“”I am not a formula,” one might claim today, as the digital flood pushes us to become one.”

A Glimmer of Hope

Lie on the grass, hope for a clear mind, listen to your breath and that of others, accept the disappointing color of a sky and clouds not altered by Instagram filters, marvel at the shapes changed by the wind, welcome the marks of passing hours and time.

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