Spend your summer in Carouge!

It’s finally SUMMER! A few clues have led us on the right path: we spent the solstice of June 21st and slowly but surely, the heat wave from the Sahara began to spread in temperatures above the seasonal norms. Summer has settled for real in Switzerland, including in the Sardinian city. 

Ah Carouge! Ah summer! Ah summer in Carouge! Sweet life, sports, walks, picnics, drinks and concerts, no need to go far to enjoy all that the city can offer in summer. A little out of the usual trails, Carouge allows us to be a tourist at home with the guided tours.

Organised jointly by the City of Carouge and Illico-Travel, these tours, which take place on Saturdays late morning, give us the opportunity to discover the city differently; from the steeple of the Sainte-Croix church or from the top of the famous towers, you will also discover the secrets of the city’s builders and find out if there are “energy” channels converging in the heart of the city (Carouge is known to be very “Feng-Shui”). 

In a more poetic vein, the guided tours will take you to Carouge’s secret gardens and courtyards where you will meet the inhabitants and their daily lives behind the facades of the houses of the Vieux-Carouge. Hop on a “zig-zag” tour to discover the story behind the name of a street, carved woodwork and amazing frescoes. And finally, what would be Carouge without its artisans and artists? Do not hesitate to meet with glassblowers, jewelers, watchmakers, painters and the unique artistic universe of Carouge. 

Now that you are impatient to discover this enchanting program, some practical information: the tours take place from June 29th until October 5th and the five themes are spread over 3 Saturdays each. The tour lasts for approximately 1h15 and the meeting point is at 11am on Saturday, without registration, at the entrance of the Town Hall. The price is very affordable: 10CHF (5CHF reduced rate). Last but not least, on Saturday, September 14th at 3.30pm, you can attend a free of charge tour under the theme: “Carouge, sustainable city”. 

If you are more of a sports holidays person OR if you have eaten way too much ice-cream at Rohr on rue Vautier, you can join us every Wednesday for a free urban training with a professional coach. Choose your sessions (6pm or 7pm) and head to the place de la Sardaigne to begin your training. Registration required on www.urban-training.ch. 

After your physical effort, enjoy a moment of comfort: the Carouge towers are waiting for you with sun loungers, parasols, wooden games, funny bikes, concerts and parties, every week from Thursday to Sunday, from 2pm to 7pm. Discover without further delay the program of the 15th edition of Tour de Plage until August 26th, just to refresh your ideas. 

Visit the city of Carouge website to learn more about all the local summer activities and most importantly, enjoy them as most of the activities are free of charge!

PS: the deckchair on the picture was designed by Creature and is 100% made in Geneva with recycled material.

Photography © City of Carouge 

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