Serval & Kalonji @ the museum

“Quite a few people make themselves comfortable in front of a painting or a sculpture and let their thoughts and ideas wander onto a small notebook in the form of a drawing…
Starting on the 17th of April, two Genevan artists, Serval and Jean-Philippe Kalonji will ritualize these moments of creation, by working one Sunday every month in the Musée d’art et d’histoire. As graffiti artist and illustrator respectively, they are both enamored with visual arts and painting in particular. Regulars at the Musée d’art et d’histoire, they have been coming for years to study and find inspiration. With Rendez-vous d’artistes, they take their relationship with the museum a step further by sharing their artistic research in the heart of the museum’s collections.
On the first Sunday of every month, from April to December, Serval and Kalonji will have work sessions where they question themselves, elaborate and create new works in the company of other artists and specialists of numerous backgrounds. The visitors of the museum are invited to share these moments and interact with the artists, as the museum’s spaces become a space dedicated to creation.”

And the Big news is that you will be able to attend every meeting and witness the incredible imagination and talent of the artists of Geneva. Among the artistes that Serval and Kalonji have invited to join them: Alyâa Kamel (on Sunday, July 3rd) and Christian N’Guyen, tattoo-artist (on Sunday, October 9th).

Illustration © Serval

Rue Charles-Galland 2, 1206 Geneva
From April 17th to December 4th 

Every first Sunday for the month
2-4pm: public workshop
4-5pm: meetings and discussions
Free entrance

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