Café Cacahuète

By Kevin Pittet — 31 Mar '17

The wonderful Café Cacahuète is surprising not only for its small size but also for the quality of its products. [...]

THF Red Label

By MBG — 01 Dec '16

The restaurant The Hamburger Foundation just launched a new concept located in Plainpalais: THF Red Label. It’s pretty much like [...]

Street Gourmet

By Le Petit Chou — 17 Feb '15

In a little street, nor far from the Rive roundabout, a boutique has recently opened. As I am walking past the [...]

The Hamburger Foundation

By MBG — 07 Jun '13

Everyone loves a good burger. Cheeseburger, baconburger or how about a baconcheeseburger! The American culture of food trucks has finally [...]

Holy Cow! Burger

By MBG — 18 Nov '12

If you haven’t yet tasted a holy burger, now is the time. And if you wonder what a holy burger is, [...]