Chez Maman

By Emilie Salvaridis — 01 Jun '16

Last Monday, I had lunch At Mum’s (i.e. Chez Maman in French). Located in the district of Acacias, the 20th [...]

N’vY Hotel

By MBG — 13 Nov '15

Vasarely over here, Pop Art over there. The New-York street art artist Meres One was appointed by the N’vY to [...]

EastWest Hotel

By MBG — 08 Jun '12

Halfway between the Orient and the Occident, this boutique hotel (that belongs to the same family as the Tiffany Hotel, [...]

Tiffany Hotel

By MBG — 08 Jun '12

The Tiffany hotel is located in the creative and artistic district of Les Bains. 65 rooms and suites are available [...]