It is said that what makes a good coffee or tea is the water with which it is prepared. For the nigiris, it’s the same, but with rice. For the same quality of fish, rice makes all the difference. And at Tanuki, all attention is paid to fish and rice, which makes it one of the best sushi in Geneva, all restaurants and “take-away” combined.

As it is impossible to sit down to eat, Tanuki proposes to eat sushi, right next door, in the “L’Ivresse” bookstore where the decor changes completely. Here, it is the letting go and the mixing of genres that predominates.

We read, we discuss, we study, we taste a tea, a ginger drink, a book. But wherever the sushi is tasted, when the tray is opened, it is the subtle mixture (perfect balance?) of the smell of fish, rice and nori seaweed that smell.

Excellent bentos, hot or cold depending on the season, are also available in addition to sushi trays and the menu. Tanuki is a traditional sushi, without ostentation, that makes you travel in a world of tradition and authenticity.


Rue Vignier 5, 1205 Geneva
Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm ; 4.30-8.30pm
Budget : $$