The best pick up burgers

Ever wonder why they’re called Hamburgers if there is no actual ham in them? The name comes from Hamburg in Germany: a cut of beef called the Hamburg steak involved in what we now call a Hamburger. As we’re meeting this Saturday for Joanna Goodale’s online music aperitif, let us recommend to you the best restaurants in Geneva where you can pick up a delicious burger.

From our childhood
The Road Runner restaurant (the gourmet’s burger) has been around for over 50 years! The meat of Swiss origin is carefully selected and the bread is made in the ovens of 2 artisan bakeries. Cooked on a barbecue grill – for its exquisite flavour – it’s up to you to garnish it however you like.

The home-made
The Wolfisberg bakery proposes for 16.- a home-made hamburger, with Swiss-fries, also home-made and a fresh and local garnish. Quick preparation, please!

The sunniest
Outside of a pandemic, the hamburger at the La Belotte restaurant is the sunniest, since it can be eaten on a terrace on the shores of Lake Geneva. THE 4BFG Revisited burger, 100% PURE BEEF from Switzerland (or without foie gras), (35.- or 29.-), with fries and salad.

La Réserve BUT At Home
On La Réserve Genève e-shop, all you have to do is click and collect Le Burger, smoked brisket, and cheddar served with fries and salad (42.-).

The Swiss Made
At Inglewood Restaurant, the juicy burger has been local since 2011. Each month, the burger star is named and lets you try something new. ps: don’t miss their incredible cheesecake for dessert!

Bon Appétit & e-see you on Saturday!

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