The Chalet Sessions

The music industry in Switzerland is challenging for local artists trying to get some notoriety. This has probably much to do with language barriers across regions as well as the industry’s smaller size compared to its neighboring countries like France and Germany.
Yet talented Swiss musician are here and have so much to share.
The Chalet Sessions hopes to solve this problem by providing a single platform where viewers can discover the best of Swiss music online, for free. They are a non-profit association that aims to promote Swiss music and culture alike. They support local artists through the creation of showcase videos that capture a small live performance of their best songs within a unique Swiss picturesque backdrop. Their showcase videos contain beautiful cinematography and jaw dropping shots of Swiss chalets and panoramas of the Swiss Alps.

Best of all, The Chalet Sessions provides all of this to the musicians for free! This, of course, is because the association’s main goal is to make it easier for these deserving artists to overcome the local industry’s challenges and reach a wider audience. In fact, just a few weeks ago, one of their recent chalet session groups, Martinez, were able to use footage from the session to get signed to a label.

The creators of The Chalet Sessions consist of Jeremy Moser, Soraia Binzagr, and Ewan Hails. Each member in their team of volunteers has their own skill sets and expertise, including videography, audio engineering and photography. Their open-minded views welcome all genres of music and opportunities for growth. In an interview with Soraia, she quoted: “Each one of us loves doing these sessions. We’re just a group of music lovers and handful of volunteers… But we still try our very best to be as professional as possible, so that we can create an unforgettable experience for our musicians and our viewers alike.”

Check out their most recent Chalet Session, just released today, involving the group from Geneva called Quiet Island.  Enjoy their vocal harmonies and retro sound, reminiscent of 70’s classics like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Be apart of this new wave and check them out online!

In order to keep The Chalet Sessions alive they rely on sponsorship and funding. To donate go on their website: thechaletsessions.com.

Photography The Chalet Sessions Team with Toby May

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