The Fondue Train

January. The greyness hovers just above our heads, ready to choke us. The wind rushes between the mountains to sweep our city. During the long winter months, any Genevois becomes impatient to see the sun and welcome the spring. In the meantime, here is a good getaway that will take you on the foodie rails. Between friends, obviously.

Meet me on line 4 of the Bulle station, where a patriotic and particularly friendly adventure will begin. Embark on the train at Fonfon with three wagons, built in the first half of the last century. Yes, you read correctly. The train is almost 100 years old but does not creak. It even shines! The interior is made entirely of wood which takes us directly in a journey through time. The tables are surrounded by benches, while distinguished luggage racks touch the ceiling.

Next thing you know, you are sitting down and ordering a glass of white wine and a plate of cold meat. The aperitif is served by a charming staff, while the train slowly departs, all, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Let’s head to Châtel-St-Denis! This one-way trip allows you to savor the view as well as a delicious fondue with a light background of folk music, such as Eight Ranz Swiss Cows or The Vintner. Just enough to recall some buried memories, when we used to visit our grandparents while playful conversations start at the tables next door. When the “religieuse” is torn from the bottom of the caquelon, the train arrives at its destination.

After a welcome digestive break, the locomotive starts its way back and the famous Gruyerian dessert is served. Meringue double cream … obviously.

Book until 2 days in advance
Departure from Bulle @ 11.30am (return @ 2.45pm) & 7.30pm (return @ 10.15pm)
Price: 53.90CHF per adult, 22.90 for children up to 7yo
Book online

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