The garden of Dinosaurs

The Schilliger Garden Center is celebrating 75 years of existence with a real (& BIG) Garden of Dinosaurs!!! From January 18, brachiosaurus, pterodactyl, Rex tyrannosaurus and many others for you and your kids, free entrance.

Life always finds a way
In any case, this is what Ian Malcom notes in the film Jurassic Park. It finds its way here, in the Garden Center Schilliger in Gland, with the arrival of more than 25 dinosaurs. As of January 18, the Schilliger Garden Centre invites its customers to embark on a journey in the Mesozoic era, to see the rebirth of many giants of the time. The impressive triceratops and the velociraptors compete for the public’s favors, in a dozen green scenes scattered throughout the store. The free exhibition is opening from January 18 to March 28, 2020, according to the usual Garden Center hours.

A fun and educational goal
With this great novelty, which begins the festivities for Schilliger’s 75th birthday, the goal is to offer a fun and original activity before Spring, for families and dinosaur lovers.. The exhibition is also educational, thanks to explanatory panels. Classes from local schools are invited to stroll through the Garden, to discover these giants of the past. Animations are set up around the dinosaurs and the exhibition, with competitions organized throughout the duration or special meals at Café Agnès. Visitors can simply enjoy a well-deserved snack in this unique place.

Download the garden of Dinosaurs brochure

From Mon to Fri 9am-6.30pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Free entrance

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