Today, I bumped into… François

Geneva is Big thanks to its vibrant and striking people… let’s discover more about them during this summer!

Today I bumped into…François
Just like you, I was always wondering who he is. So we took the time to find out. Together we shared the tasty Greek Salad of Bains des Pâquis while listening to his stories.
It was interesting to learn that he followed his father, a translator for the UN, around the world. Later on, he studied Classical Literature at Oxford, he was a teacher, he went to India, and also studied yoga and meditation… amidst our conversation, he started talking about his tattoos and how it all started:
As a hobby I like to reproduce old master paintings, until one day, I suggested to paint the Venus of Botticelli on the body of a friend as a joke …and she said yes! Surprised by her spontaneity and her boldness, I felt responsible to produce something of quality. From this moment on, I realised I needed get more serious with my drawings.
At the same period, I read an article in the Migros magazine about people using their body as a support for painting and into a piece of art. This idea was fascinating to me. Since then, I decided to develop my own project and transform my own body into art.
So if you are curious to know more about the story behind each and everyone of his tattoos, go ahead and ask him! Here are a few places where you will find him in Geneva:
Bains des Pâquis (do we need to mention it ^_^ )
La Gravière
La Citadelle
L’ A M R

Interview held by Jaira & Nathalie
Photographie © Nathalie Mastail-Hirosawa

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