From one layer to another

The Abandoned House i.e. la Maison Abandonnée (Villa Cameline) was built at the turn of the century in Nice; it was abandoned for 15 years before becoming a private exhibition space in 2003 thanks to the initiative of its current owners, Hélène and François Fincker.

Hélène and François Fincker have chosen to leave the Abandoned House as is and to promote different forms of current creation through pop-up exhibitions.

And for this last exhibition of the year, the Maison Abandonnée welcomes the visual artist and scenographer Amandine Maillot.

D’une épaisseur à l’autre i.e. from one layer to another, addresses the impermanence of things, and the beauty, fragility, and infinite potential that emerge from this condition. This state of instability questions the artist about the way in which we inhabit our lives, about the nature of the links we forge with our own bodies, with others, and with the world, like a desire to repair what has perhaps, one day, come undone.

The world is full of singular stories that intersect and become intertwined. Amandine Maillot sees the earth as an immense fabric of connections where everything is played out at every moment. A space of co-creation forms a precarious balance where every being, every atom of the living is a source of transformation. How can we take part in this fabric without losing the essence of both our individuality and these links and co-dependencies?

A must while you visit the French Riviera, before or after the Chagall Museum.


From September 16th until October 5th
Open Wednesday & Saturday from 3 pm to 6.30 pm 

Visual: Amandine maillot _ Sans titre, (porcelaines cassées) 2016, installation, mobilier, porcelaine, luminaire, dimension variable.
Maison Abandonnée [Villa Cameline] 2016 _ La Non -exposition

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