9 reasons to go & see Viva Frida Kahlo

Since December 17, Beaulieu Lausanne presents Viva Frida Kahlo, an immersive exhibition to discover or rediscover the works of the artist.


9 reasons to go & see Viva Frida Kahlo


1. At the end of the 1930s, faced with the rise of Nazism, Frida changed the spelling of her first name to Frieda, an allusion to “Frieden” which means peace in German.

2. In her works, Frida Kahlo brings together the symbols of Christianity and Judaism.

3. She paints to try to overcome pain and loneliness.

4. She is the one who convinced the Mexican president to grant asylum to Leon Trotsky.

5. Diego Rivera wouldn’t be Diego Rivera without Frida Kahlo.

6. Despite the suffering, some of her works reveal the splendor of the world.

7. She is deeply influenced by indigenous Mexican culture.

8. “The Frame” is the first work by a 20th-century Mexican artist that the Louvre has acquired.

9. A few days before she died, she wrote in her diary: “I hope the exit is joyful – and I hope never to return.”


ONLINE TICKETS (from CHF28.- for an adult)


Viva Frida Kahlo – Immersive Experience from bymaag on Vimeo.

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