The ‘WE COUTURIERES’ sewing shop recently opened in the district of Eaux-Vives and is specialised in redesigning, recycling and reusing of our old clothes. Yu Ran Kim graduated in Fashion Design in Seoul and Milan and became a very creative seamstress.

She’s a master tailor, expert craftsman, pattern maker, cutter and fitter. She possesses the skills needed to make a custom dress from start to finish – completely by hand! Whether it’s casual or formal wear that needs altering, repairing or modifying, Yu Ran can help you with a Big smile. But what she prefers is giving a second chance to your old clothing. Remember those old pair of trousers that you used to adore but don’t fit perfectly anymore? Well Yu Ran can transform them into a skirt, a scarf or a hat; all you have to do is ask. Yu Ran loves to work with her clients and exchange ideas so let your imagination speak for itself when you visit her. According to the seamstress, no clothing is worth throwing away; everything can be repaired, adjusted, modified, transformed or reused. Even the funkiest ideas are welcome!

In her sewing shop, you will also discover her own fashion collection and several fashion designers that she loves. 

Photography © My Big Geneva
Rue Maunoir 19, 1207 Geneva
Tue, Wed & Fri 10am-6pm; Thur 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-5pm

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