A week-end in Lyon

This is not the first time that My Big Geneva is taking you to Lyon and it won’t be the last time either! This city is a perpetual source of enchantement with its little streets to be discovered, galleries, museums, yummy cheap restaurants… in less than 2 hours from Geneva. So why deny it?
This getaway which I am suggesting has several parts within one trip!

First, let’s play it romantic with a rental studio in the heart of the city. The Renaissance appartement is cosy, located behind a courtyard so it’s very quiet and intimate. The shower reminded me of a secret cave, you will love it. One bedroom and one room, a living-room and a simple kitchen combined perfectly. Book online: Appartement Renaissance, 3 Montée Du Change, 69005 Lyon.

But let’s face it, it would be a shame to stay in your love nest. Visiting the city of Lyon is a unique opportunity to discover the history of printing. Until August 28th, included with a permanent exhibition, the printing and graphic communication museum is exhibiting the prints of Charles Loupot. The French poster designer who came up with some amazing designs has worked for Nicolas, the Galeries Barbès, Valentine, Dop, Ambre Solaire, Monsavon and L’Oréal… While he lived in Lausanne, he worked for Cailler, Grieder, PkZ and le Grand Tour de Suisse… So hurry up before August comes to an end, this is where you need to go: Musée de l’imprimerie et de la communication graphique, 13, rue de la Poulaillerie, 69002 Lyon.

Obviously, after this visual “mise en bouche”, you might feel hungry and I could have brought you to a traditional bouchon but I chose to take you to a hindo-pakistani restaurant called the Raj Magal. When I saw and smelled the food on its terrace, my appetite instantly became bigger and I didn’t regret stopping by. The food is exquisite, the decor is softer and the waitress was very efficient and had a smiling face although it seems the service was stressful. Which is precisely why I recommend this place. Bon appetite: Raj Mahal, 10 rue Saint-Jean, 69005 Lyon.

Now that you’ve eaten, you might want to digest a little. To top it off, let’s go for a bike tour. The bike terminals are dispatched everywhere in the city and with a credit card, you can easily rent a bike. You can rent it for 30 minutes, an hour or a few days, it’s super easy. Lyon becomes even nicer with a bike: you’ll easily reach the shopping district of Confluence, you will be able to go back to Bellecour in 5 minutes and once you are ready to return to Geneva, you may leave your bike at the terminal of the Part-Dieu train station in order to catch your train.
More information right here:  Vélo’v. Everywhere in the city of Lyon^_^

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