Places that make you feel good

Let’s start the year looking good and fresh, shall we? In 2021 it is all about you and what makes you feel good! Personally, we find that some pampering has always done wonders both mentally and physically! So here is a list of places you’ll come out of feeling your greatest and thank us later.

For a fresh cut into the year, head to Au Lodge. At the young age of 14, Loic Hauck started his training and, thanks to his youthful talent, he quickly gets spotted. After many projects, fashion weeks, features in magazines, and trips around the world –  Loic Hauck moves to Geneva with his scissors, creativity, and good mood to open his own salon: Au Lodge.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget you, men! The Barber Shop is here to save the day whether it is for your beard or hair! With their 2 locations in Geneva, they offer traditional grooming for hair and beard, you can also spice up your routine with a relaxing facial. 

Your eyes are the focal point of your face, so why not make them feel special too? At Atelier du Regard, Ana and her team will welcome you for a made-to-measure look that respects your own desires and features. From simple brow shaping to semi-permanent make-up, Atelier du Regard offers a variety of treatments in Geneva, Lausanne & Zurich! 

Now that we’ve got hair and eyes covered, let’s talk facial! Ambassade de la Beauté in Geneva has some of the greatest personalized facials. Although it comes at a cost, you’ll come out of there feeling like a radiating new person. Ready to take on 2021!

For all things nails, Akyado is here for you! With all sorts of treatments for your nails, Akyado is a leading Swiss Wellness lounge with 3 locations in Geneva alone! In their cozy luxurious salon, you can do anything from a classic manicure to gel extensions as well as nail art. While you’re there you might as well take the time to get rid of any unwanted body hair and/or enjoy a massage.

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