Yatoo Family Center, My Big Geneva

The idea of ​​a leisure park dedicated to Little & Big Kids came to the mind of entrepreneur Thomas Keller five years ago before the Yatoo Family Center became a reality. Five years and an investment of CHF 2’500’000. 

The result is as BIG as 3000m2 built for fun while burning calories including an area dedicated to virtual reality. 

Virtual Reality

For Big kids and fans of the latest technology, the Yatoo Family Center offers a virtual reality space of approximately 270 m2.
Virtual reality, and more particularly the VR headsets used, give the impression of reality so that after a few minutes, the environment in which the participants find themselves will change.
You don’t have to be an experienced gamer to fully and immediately enjoy the virtual reality experience!

The players can be divided into teams of 3 to 6 people and are simultaneously immersed in the same universe. Once submerged, participants can kill zombies.

Solo, you can become Spiderman or visit the universe. Breathtaking. 

Fluorescent mini-golf

In a dark Big space of 320m2, you can enjoy an 18-hole lighted journey, surrounded by a gorilla, a crocodile, and a tiger.
A mobile app is available to download and follow the game.


Trampoline park

In this space full of twists and turns, the Big and Little Kids can enjoy eight well-defined trampoline areas covering a total surface area of ​​1,000 m2. 8 zones allow you to indulge in different activities such as the foam pit, the freestyle zone, Cage-Ball, etc. Not to mention the Ninja Warrior Park where two “warriors” can challenge each other on a course.

Other surprises…

A jungle awaits the Little Kids with slides, ball pools, karting track in a course filled with obstacles and animals.

After the effort and the fun, the Food Corner will satisfy appetites, in a healthy and local way. Rest assured, there are also candies.