3 Podcasts to Think Again

Published by Freethink, Big Think was launched in 2008 with only video content. A year later, it expanded into blogs and written content. Today, more than +2’000 experts aka Big Thinkers are part of this BIG adventure.


Here are 3 Podcasts to Think Again

Lisa Brennan-Jobs on growing up without, with, and in spite of her dad
How do you write away the personal hole in your heart when that hole was left by a man half the world idolizes? Steve Jobs’ daughter, the writer Lisa Brennan-Jobs, on the process and effects of writing her beautiful memoir SMALL FRY.

Ibram X Kendi – Antiracism 101
Ibram X Kendi is about to publish yet another book called “The Making of Butterflies” so while waiting, here’s his interview to Think Again.


What happens to freedom when time is money – with Martin Hägglund
Why hasn’t technology given us more freedom? Why is eternal life not desirable? And why don’t Universal Basic Income and other forms of redistribution solve the underlying problem?

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