This Beam in My Eye Is from the Tree I Planted

Andrea Mastrovito returns to Geneva with his fifth solo exhibition at Wilde, located in the newly opened galleries at Boulevard Georges-Favon 19. Titled “This Beam in My Eye Is From The Tree I Planted,” the exhibition features large-scale installations spanning two floors.


These installations invite viewers into a dialogue with innovative techniques and materials, creating a crescendo of contrasts and layered narratives that challenge perceptions of depth and reality.


Andrea Mastrovito explores the malleability of reality’s narrative weight, blending traditional crafts like stained glass and woodwork with modern technologies such as laser engraving and LEDs. The title itself reflects this dichotomy, playing on the dual meanings of “beam” and “tree,” symbolizing both judgment and enlightenment, and referencing a metaphorical garden that unfolds throughout the space.

The main installation transforms the previous garden into a beech forest, echoing Greek lore about the tree as a repository of knowledge. Through these works, Mastrovito explores themes of perception, narrative, and the interplay between tradition and innovation.

14.03.2024 — 01.05.2024
Wilde Genève
© Eric Bergoend

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