Before opening her fashion store called DAD (Dress And Die), Muriel used to organise Big exclusive private sales in her loft in Geneva. Her first clients were her friends who couldn’t have been more happier as they counted on Muriel to help them find the perfect style. She then launched a fashion pop-up store at the Club Sandwich in the Grottes district before she finally opened her own boutique.

Clothing is a matter of feeling according to Muriel: clean lines and quality manufacturing are very important to her. “Everything came together pretty naturally” she says. Among the selected brands: the namesake brand of Etienne Deroeux “a contemporary wardrobe of sensuality and raw elegance where forms always follow function”, Le Mont Saint Michel, Lab Dip for lovers of denim (a Lab Dip jeans costs 99.-), etc. Muriel also appreciates a perfectly cut trouser suit and shows audacity when it comes to selecting the fashion designers she will promote in her fashion store. The boutique she decorated is uncluttered and every object has a history. It’s peaceful and I bet every single one of you would like to spend a few hours discovering Muriel’s second home. If I were to pick three words to describe it, they would be: feminine, perfect cut and noble fabrics. Gentlemen of Geneva also have their own corner which will get bigger in time and Muriel did not forget to present many accessories such as bags, socks, shoes (made in Italy of course), keeping always in mind that “life is more beautiful when you wear the perfect clothes”.

PS: don’t be surprised if one of these days Muriel invites you in to enjoy a couple of drinks because she owns a patent bar and she has plenty of creative ideas.

Avenue du Mail 28, 1205 Geneva
Tue to Fri 10.30am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm

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