15min with Mam’zelle Zimmie

Since 44 weeks, every Saturday and Sunday, between 3pm and 4pm Geneva time, I have a rendez-vous with Mam’zelle Zimmie, my new favorite Instagram account. A few weeks ago, during the summer, she took me on a guided tour of the MAH (Art and History Museum of Geneva) with her little rabbit where I was able to discover through her eyes the artists Ferdinand Hodler, Jacques-Laurent Agasse, Alexandre Calame and Markus Raetz works of art. But most of the time, Mam’zelle Zimmie takes me much further away; in a peaceful world, where trees have leaves shaped in hearts, where mountains are Big and where the sun wears sunglasses.

Every Saturday and Sunday, between 3pm and 4pm Geneva time, Mam’zelle Zimmie reminds me that the world is a wonderland. So I decided to write to her in order to meet her; I’ve learnt that her designer spends 15 minutes every single day since 2006 drawing on a piece of paper in order to develop her creativity. Some of her postcards are now available at La Libellule Papiers & Co and at the Museum of Carouge. And one day, she decided to set Mam’zelle Zimmie free and started sharing her adventures on Instagram. She continues to draw 15 minutes per day and every Saturday, she picks two drawings to publish on Instagram.
And I bet one day, Mam’zelle Zimmie will end up in an art gallery… Mark my words.

PS: if you want to contact Mam’zelle Zimmie, kindly send her an email (link below)
Illustration © Mam’zelle Zimmie

A place that ressembles you
Place du Temple in Carouge, for its cats and the peacefulness of trees
Your official canteen
By the lake for a picnic
Black or milk chocolate?
Milk chocolate
An object
The pen gave me life
A book
Ressusciter de Christian Bobin
In your playlist
Jean-Sébastien Bach
A super-hero
Petzi’s girlfriend
Never without…
My rabbit

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