MOG Design Végétal

Place du Molard. Surrounded by Big stores, one will find an enchanting garden, in the middle of Geneva’s touristic square. The place is called MOG and specializes in plant design and floral art. Odile is the florist while Guillermo is an expert in garden staging (or balcony or terrace staging). They are both the happy founders of MOG. Odile has had an affinity for anything floral from a very young age, making her eye for arrangements unique and beautiful. She did her apprenticeship at Fleuriot and was the finalist at the Suisse romande championship among many other competitions that she participated in. Together with Guillermo, they offer a modern twist on the classic floral arrangement. Glass jars for example add a new dimension to the standard potted flower. But fear not, if this modern twist isn’t your style, MOG still offers more timeless, classic bouquets and arrangements. 

MOG’s floral signature is to be the subtle, yet unforgettable mark of your event, whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding or a baby shower. You know that the flowers you order from MOG will be nothing short of, well, fabulous. Seasonal and local flowers such as Geneva tulips are used to add attention-grabbing texture and colour to an arrangement. What really sets their arrangements apart is the interplay between the floral elements—they can take an ordinary grouping of flowers and make it extraordinary by changing the expected with a pop of colour, ribbon or statement-making greenery. 

A true paradise for the florally inclined. 

Place du Molard 7, 1204 Geneva
Mon to Fri 8am-7pm; Sat 8am-6pm 

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