Frank Warren, a computer engineer from Maryland USA, runs an information system business. Out of boredom (his own words) and lack of creativity in his job, he wakes up one morning and prints 3,000 postcards using his own address, which he distributes to his friends and acquaintances, asking them to use them as empty canvases, fill them with art, and reveal a secret anonymously.


What started as a creative hobby became a Big success. Frank Warren is the founder of PostSecret with over 850 million website visitors and over 200 secrets per day being mailed to him from all over the world. PostSecret is also a Big-seller book and a digital exhibition. Every week, it shares with us on social networks, some of the best secrets….. always anonymously!

However, there are no ads on the website and PostSecret doesn’t use your secrets to make money. Rather it funds one million dollars for suicide prevention and the promotion of resources for mental wellness.


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