The Chat Noir turns 30

On December the 7th, in 1985, the Chat Noir was opening in Carouge. After 6’500 concerts, 20’000 musiciens, 4’000 DJs and more than 800’000 spectators, the Chat Noir is about to turn 30 years old. From December 3rd until the 5th, the Chat Noir is kindly inviting you to live 3 decades of music within 3 evenings.
The full program will be online on November 11th; in order to attend one of the Chat Noir’s birthday events, you’ll have to subscribe online. The price was left to your discretion. But watch out, tickets are very limited.
Temporary exhibitions inside and outside the Chat Noir are also scheduled during these 3 party nights and many artists will be present: on Friday, December 4th, the evening will have a jazz theme with artists such as Moncef Genoud, Léo Tardin, Ernie Odom, Mar Erbetta, Stefano Saccon et Marcello Giuliani before the “Good Vibrations” party at 11.30pm.
On Saturday, December 5th, the Chat Noir’s friends will be arriving at 8.30pm: Fred Raspail, Sumo, Herbalist Crew to name only a few before a Groove N Move party.
No need to say that we’re already purring like a cat…

From December 3rd to the 5th from 8.30pm 
Rue Vautier 13, 1227 Carouge

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