360° journey at the Jardin des Nations

3 digital artists take you on a 360° journey to the Syllepse cistern in the Jardin des Nations. Allow 30 minutes to explore the cosmos, the infinitely small, and the encounter between fluids and matter. Guaranteed surprise effect.


« Perception »
By OilHack

Anthony Viscogliosi alias OilHack is a self-taught artist from Lyon inspired by nature. His creations are an alchemy of colors, materials, textures, and an alloy of energies that come to life under his support. His work has been presented in various festivals and exhibitions around the world, Festival Del Silenzio in Milan, Springstudio New York, Artechouse Washington DC. He also collaborated with Thomas Blanchard on the iPhone X and Sony Square projects.
In “perception”, he macroscopically captures the encounter between fluids and matter.


« Waiting Far Away »
By Jason Fletcher

Author of The Full Dome Blog, Jason Fletcher also works for the Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Science Museum in Boston. His digital short film tells the story of an explorer who gets lost in the universe.


« Nascense »
By Julius Horsthuis

Amsterdam-born Julius Horsthuis is a digital artist whose film “Fractal Time” was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the 35 Best XR Experiences of 2019. He has created video clips for Max Cooper, and Eric Serra and background visuals for Avicii, and Lady Gaga among many others. In “Nascense” he reveals organic beauty to us.


Fractal Time teaser trailer from Julius Horsthuis on Vimeo.

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