The region of Kalamata in Greece is renowned for its lush olive groves, majestic mountains, and spectacular beaches. At the heart of this Mediterranean paradise lies Almiros Beach, a hidden gem offering crystal-clear waters and breathtaking panoramas. 

Nestled along this paradisiacal coastline is a villa made with love, full of comfort. 


Inside, you’ll be greeted by spacious and stylish areas, tastefully decorated in soothing tones and natural materials.
The two ensuite bedrooms provide a peaceful retreat after a day spent soaking up the sun and sea.
Absolute comfort reigns supreme.

Perfect for epicureans allergic to mass tourism.

But it’s outside where the magic truly happens.
A pool offers a refreshing oasis to relax and cool off, surrounded by exotic trees.

The villa can also be rented with two bungalows.