Art opening: Who are the “Pachas Capiteux”?

Art opening: Who are the “Pachas Capiteux”?

(Voluptuous Pachas, a pun on the seven sins in French)
Sculptures who do not pretend to be idols.
Collages that imitate poets.
Photographs turned upside down.
A quest for the miraculous instant, an equilibrium, a sweet dream.

Christophe Bourdinaud is a stonemason, a sculptor. He expresses himself through direct carving on marble or hard limestone, inspired by his epurated sketches.
Generous curves or sharp angles, the shapes are calibrated and organized but still vague enough to let the imagination flow.
With his collages, Christophe shares his curiosity, his pleasure of discovery. He reinterprets decors, characters and situations with irony and spontaneity. Collages are another expression and full part of his creative universe.
He also uses digital tools to create colourful prints using his sketches, sculptures or photographs, transforming the original creations with no limits.

Photography © Christophe Bourdinaud

From March 14th until the 24th 2019
Opening March 14th @ 6pm
Rue du Grand-Pont 20, 1095 Lutry
Mon to Fri 2-7pm; Sat & Sun 11am-6pm