Sean Van Court, My Big Geneva

In full ascent, the bike handlebars of Sean Van Court break during a race. He falls badly and lands in Geneva in 1999 to remain bedridden following this accident. He realizes that everything can stop overnight.


A change of mindset then takes place. While continuing his studies at Webster University, he cycles 35,000 km a year and wins 2 races in Mauritius and the Reunion Island; he has nothing to lose, he says to himself.

In 2003, he launched Van Court Sports in the import-export of high-level sports accessories before becoming a distributor for cutting-edge cycling, running, and triathlon brands. From 2011, he specialized in carrying accessories for “trails”, which are a type of running that takes place outdoors, in natural environments with few paved roads, before… buying a sewing machine and making the first prototypes of a bag.

Instinct was born, following many sleepless nights, and several years of experience in the field as a top athlete, but also as a marketer, distributor, and business manager.

At the same time, he founded Sports Vision, a completely different business model that complements Instinct since it customizes a multitude of accessories for brands devoted to professional athletes.


What is Instinct’s vision?

I wanted to reinvent the portage, what we call the hydration backpack through its ergonomics, accessibility, and functionality and make it unique. I wanted athletes to forget that the bag is on their backs during the trails.

And to do so, I relied on intuitive gestures during exercise. The movement of the body in full action, each gesture during each of the steps. And I really started this process on a blank page.


What does performance mean to you?

It’s about doing the best with your own abilities.

Society remembers who beat who in a particular race. Ranking 1, 2, and 3. But for those who have a real love for the sport and have this sense of surpassing themselves, it is above all personal pleasure. Achieve your own goals. Have no regrets.

To each his own Everest.


In your career, what was one of the BIGgest mistakes that allowed you to move forward?

There are quite a few in fact!

But I will say that one of the biggest is not having listened to my intuition. As an entrepreneur, there have also been financial mistakes, especially in distribution and production because the capital requirement is substantial. You have to know how to buy intelligently.

You also have to know how to question yourself, to be reborn after a fall.
My kindness has also played tricks on me and I have learned with experience to set limits.

Money does not fall from the sky so as a boss, I have to find the balance between flexibility, listening, and firmness.


My Father often said that his wife is the key to his professional success. What do you think?

I completely agree with your Father.
My wife, despite the fact that she is not in the day-to-day business, often gives me the best advice and follows her intuition.
So at the beginning of our relationship, I was very stubborn. But over time, I learned to listen to her.


Before letting you climb the next peak, can you share a song on your playlist to help us surpass ourselves?