Walking Machines

While we are all anxiously waiting for the release of Star Wars (may I remind you that it will be on December 16th), the M.A.D. Gallery had a brilliant idea to help us wait with an exhibition of the Australian concept designer Alan Blackwell.
It all started about a year ago, when the M.A.D. Gallery was scrolling on Instagram and came across the pencil and ink drawings of Alan’s futuristic world. Between sketching and painting, this artist who has kept his childhood spirit is a Big fan of video games. He actually designs them – World of Thingies, Super Battle Tactics, GI GOE Battlegrounds – and was part of the sequence group which release Halo Anniversary Edition.
On the invitation of the opening, the M.A.D. Gallery warns us: “Attention please, this is our latest crush” and it’s quite obvious the reason why. 33 exclusive sketches designed especially for the gallery will be presented.
So if you are a Big fan of science-fiction, you know where to head for……from November 26th…

Photographies © Alan Blackwell M.A.D. Gallery
Rue Verdaine 11, 1204 Geneva
Tue to Fri 10am-6.30pm; Sat 10am-5pm

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