Bao Steam Kitchen, a dumpling heaven

When it comes to must-try culinary experiences in Geneva, the Bao Steam Kitchen is very high on the list. Located in the heart of the artsy district of Jonction, this dim sum restaurant fits perfectly in the neighborhood. The name of this dish can be translated as “touch of the heart” and a good meal at Bao Steam Kitchen does just that. 

Dim sum is perhaps the best creation of Guangdong cuisine, which is considered to be one of the Eight Great Culinary Traditions of China. 

Many “Bao” canteens have recently opened in Geneva; they seem to spring up like mushrooms and some of these mushrooms really taste bad. But many foodies around me have recommended the Bao Steam Kitchen so I took my trusted friend Idaho – who speaks Chinese and has visited Asia many many times – on a Saturday night for a bite. 

The place is very well designed in terms of setting, decoration, and intimacy. It’s delicate and yet very welcoming. Idaho takes the order obviously, after all, he’s the specialist. And he went for: pork Xia Long Baos (soup dumplings), some Jiaozis alongside vegetables. The stir-fry Bok choy (Chinese cabbage) is to die for. A glass of red wine, please. And a glass of white wine. Let’s not forget the green tea. To conclude, the Nutella and banana Xiao Long Bao. All the baos – a small brioche-type dumpling steamed cooked in a bamboo basket and filled with traditional Chinese recipes – are entirely hand-made. Exquisite. 

40.- per person with smiling and attentive service.

By the way, everyone speaks English at Bao Steam Kitchen. 

Photography © Bao Steam Kitchen
Chemin du 23-août 1205 Geneva

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